Sunday, April 29, 2018

It's A Hockey Night In Pittsburgh

These days living in Pittsburgh is awesome if you are a hockey fan.   We have been blessed with some of the best players and owners of any team in the league.  Of course, the Pens just eliminated the Flyer's and are on their way to win a third consecutive Stanley Cup.

Here is a Penguins fight song the Soul Merchants wrote  a few years back during the 2009 championship run.  Go Pens!


Sunday, April 22, 2018

2018 Blues Challenge

Vocalist Jae Marie and 1/2 of the Soul Merchants joined up with bluesman James Hamel to participate in the 14th annual Blues Challenge on Saturday April 21st.  There were lots of great acts and a fantastic appreciative crowd.  We all had a fun time meeting old and new friends and musicians.       Unfortunately we did not win the competition (possibly too much Soul for a Blues competition) but a great experience regardless.

Support local live music and the Blues:

Thursday, April 19, 2018

BSWPA 2018 Blues Challenge

Come out Saturday April 21st for the 14th annual BSWPA 2018 Blues Challenge.
One half of the Soul Merchants, plus vocalist Jae Marie and blues-man James Hamel = Jae Marie and the Soul Merchants at 2 PM

Blues all day.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Blues Challenge

Keith Starling, Fox Smith and Randy Gombar of the Soul Merchants will join blues man James Hamel.  We will back up vocalist Jae Marie in this years 2018 Blues Challenge.

See -

Come out out and enjoy a day of blues April 21st 2018.

Jae Marie and the Soul Merchants will perform at 2 PM

Eagles Verona PA

Where's My Chicken

Where's My Chicken
Soul Merchants

Where's my chicken?
my mashed potatoes
my hot gravy
and my greens?
come home to find you
watching Oprah
your hair a mess
in dirty jeans
could use a little help
making ends meet
buying food and
paying the rent
but you're so lazy
it drives me crazy
my patience has been spent

I work all day
for little pay
while you sleep
the whole damn day away
so when I get home
I want to know
Where's My Chicken?

where's my chicken
and my gravy
my collard greens
and homemade bread?
come home to find you
Oh, so lazy
Spend the whole day in bed
could use a little help
doing house work
mow some grass
or mop the floor
but you do nothin’
and I’ll tell you something
gonna kick your butt
right out the door

I work all day for little pay
while you sleep the whole damn day away
so when I get home I want to know..
Where's My Chicken?


Don't give me no pork
Don't give me no fish
you know that's a nasty dish
Don't want no beef
Don't want no veal
you know how that makes me feel
All I want is some chicken

I'll eat it fried
or barbecued
anyway old way will do
I'll like it baked
make no mistake
I'll even eat it Cordon Bleu
All I want is some chicken

I'll have a leg
Give me a breast
Two of each would be best
I like KFC
I love Chik-fil-a
Chicken always make my day
Just gimme some chicken *